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The Division of Materials Engineering offers Basic and Advanced Courses in Materials Engineering for the Master's Programmes in Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Environmental Engineering among others in the Engineering Faculty.  The division also offers graduate courses in Thermodynamics and Transport Phenomena.

Our research is focused on High Temperature Materials like Thermal Barrier Coatings, Nickel-based Superalloys etc. Of particular interest is the  experimental study and computer simulation of phenomena like fatigue and fracture at high temperatures. Studies on sintering of powder materials and simulation of metal production processes are also being carried out.





The public defense of the doctoral thesis by Ling Chen

Nanoindentationcharacterization of high chromium white cast iron for assessment of machining performance



The public defense of the doctoral thesis by Hossein Sina

Synthesis of Transition Metal Aluminides from Elemental Powder Mixtures



Improving Bulk Functional Nanomaterials by Means of Severe Plastic Deformation

CANCELLED! SEMINAR by Professor Michael J. ZEHETBAUER on October 16, 2015


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