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Research directions

Precipitate structure control

Design of Magnesium alloys for biomedical and light-weight mobility applications as well as unravelling the effects of texture, grain and precipitate structures on structural properties along with (bio-)degradation performance.

Harmonic structure materials

Understanding mechanics and optimising Heterogeneous multi-scale architected Structures with topological control of their heterogeneity, e.g. 'harmonic-structure' materials.

Polarised Neutron Imaging

Development of correlative multi-modal characterisation techniques including in situ X-ray and neutron imaging, diffraction (scattering) and spectroscopy as well as laboratory-scale electron microscopy and mechanical testing combined with in situ optical microscopy and acoustic emission monitoring.

Collaboration and engagements

In addition to the research activities, we actively collaborate with:

  • Local communities;
  • Industrial companies and government;
  • International partners.

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