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Facilities for optical and electron microscopy and 3D X-ray imaging

E-SEM FEI Quanta 200 MKII with analytical system Pegasus (EBSD+EDS) from EDAX

Environmental SEM with tungsten filament, secondary electron (SE) and back-scatter electron (BSE) detectors as well as integrated Electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) and Energy-Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS) analytical systems. The latter are Hikari XP camera EBSD and Octane Super SDD with 60 mm2 sensor EDS.

The core E-SEM instrument was kindly donated by Sigma Connectivity in Lund, Sweden.

Location: room M:2413

Keyence VHX-6000

Advanced digital optical microscope with light polarisation, differential interference contrast, various reflected and transmitted light illumination options. Its High-End analog capacities are further reinforced with latest digital-world technology including camera, X-Y-Z (40x40x49 mm3) motorised stage and image processing allowing fast large-area panoramic imaging, 3D surface reconstruction and post-acquisition processing and quantification. The instrument chassis also allows 360° stage rotation and +60° / -90° eucentric camera tilt.

The introduction of this instrument became possible thanks to the financial support from The Crafoord Foundation.

Location: room M:2413

Alicona InfiniteFocus

Optical system for measuring form and surface roughness at 10nm depth and 440nm lateral resolutions.

Available through the Department of Mechanical Engineering for shared use.

Location: room M:mechanical workshop

TEM instruments

A range of advanced Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM) is available through the National Center for High Resolution Electron Microscopy (nCHREM)

Electron Microscopy – nCHREM on Kilu's website

Zeiss Xradia XRM520

Laboratory-scale high-resolution X-ray tomograph for 3D imaging of the internal structure of bulk materials, available through '4D Imaging Lab'.

4D Imaging Lab on Division of Solid Mechanics' website

Instrument booking

Book an instrument or contact Prof. Dmytro Orlov for training and booking authorisation.

+46 46-222 9095

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