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Magnesium alloys for biomedical and light-weight mobility applications

Topologically designed magnesium alloys for biomedical applications.

The main objective of this project is to develop high­performance magnesium (Mg) alloys readily adoptable in biomedicine as well as in light­weight mobility sectors. Mg is selected because of exceptional yet unexploited potential for various applications due to unique combination of properties including high strength­to­density ratio, excellent environmental sustainability, and superb biocompatibility. The alloys are to consist from abundant affordable components readily available from within the EU.

These objectives will be achieved through multi­level control of structural characteristics in Mg alloys based on topological principles. Such a control of bulk structure in Mg alloy products should allow achieving the ultimate control of surface structure, and thus (bio)degradation performance at virtually any time of material work/life span. The multi­level control of material structure will become possible through unique in­house techniques for Mg alloy fabrication and processing as well as advanced characterisation facilities. The latter will include large­scale facilities, in­house instruments for high­resolution transmission and scanning electron microscopy, including EBSD analysis, various mechanical testing, including fatigue and nano­indentation, and extensive collaborative network for bio­degradation testing. The extensive experimental investigations will be guided by ‘ab­initio’ as well as multi­scale solidification and phase transformation simulations.

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